Hi, my name is Dror Bekerman and I love taking photos, I love post processing, I love blogging and I especially love it when others love what I write or shoot so this is where it all comes together 😉

Practice Makes Perfect 001

Practice Makes Perfect – Sunset at Gordon Beach

If there is one thing that can really help you learn and become better at post processing is too simply edit more and more photos. As the well known saying goes; Practice Makes Perfect. So with this in mind and with thinking about what could have really helped me out when I got started I […]


Hot Air Balloon Ride

I love landscape photography and I would really love to travel to Patagonia, Iceland, New Zealand and many other amazing locations around the world but with that in mind, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my small country of Israel and make the most of it 🙂


Experimenting With a 10 Stop ND Filter, Part 3

It’s been quite a while since my last post about my experiments with my 10 stop ND filter so i’m happy to share with you part 3. Cloudy days are perfect for using a 10 stop ND filter as you can “smear” the clouds and get a unique look and feel so when I woke up […]

Into The Light

Making Of “Into the Light”

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open and look for it and today I want to share a a “making of” that actually started 3 weeks ago when a good friend of mine posted an image on Facebook that got me intrigued.


Lesson Learned, Don’t Be Locked On The Shot You Want

Today I want to share with you a very valuable lesson that I learned that will surly prevent me from missing great shots in the future and I hope it will do the same for you. The best way for me to share this lesson with you is with my own personal story of how […]

Winter is Here - Final Color

Making Of “Winter Is Here”

In this making of (the 1st of many more to come) I want to share the making of “Winter is Here” image. It’s a photo of a storm over Tel Aviv, Israel as shot from the city of Jaffa that overlooks the entire coastline of Tel Aviv.