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Storm Clouds Over Rice Fields

This photo was taken in Vang Vieng, Laos. Rice fields are very common in all of south east Asia and they are plenty of them around Vang Vieng. This photo was taken while scouting the surrounding area on a scooter. The electric green color of these rice fields is really something else and it just […]

Golden Sunset Over Vang Vieng Valley

This photo was take at Vang Vieng, Laos from the balcony of my hotel room. Yes, that’s the view I had from the room. The colors were simply amazing, the electric green of the fields and the golden cast the sunset through over the sky while the clouds were moving through the mountains.

Abandoned House In the Fields

This photo was taken during a hike I did in Sapa, Vietnam. Sapa is simply amazing, sitting at around 2,000 meters high all the mountain slops are field with rice fields terraces. I had a lot of luck with the weather during my 3 day stay at Sapa. You can see in the image that […]

Why Everyone Taking Photos Should be Using JPEGmini

Space. The final frontier… No, no, i’m not captain kirk and this is not the beginning of another Star Trek movie. The space i’m talking about is your hard disk space and opposed to real space which is endless and keeps on growing as far as I know, our hard disk space is limited. Yes, […]