I LOVE traveling, I LOVE seeing new places, I LOVE taking photos, I LOVE post processing, I LOVE sharing what I learn and I especially LOVE it when others love what I write or shoot so Photobek is where it all comes together 😉

Top 10 Photos of 2015

As we are nearing the end of 2015 I thought I should do a little roundup and take a look at all the images I’ve shot during this year and pick the 10 I think are the best. During 2015 I was lucky enough to travel to Lapland and to climb mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa […]

Winter is Coming Timelapse

I’m a summer person but I must admit that winter brings some very exciting and interesting things to shoot so when I heard that a storm is heading our way I had this timelapse idea in mind.

Climbing Kilimanjaro with Miggo’s New AGUA Weatherproof Bag

Everything was pretty much set for my upcoming trip to climb mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. All except for one little thing – how am I going to carry my camera around for those 7 days without having it damaged by the cold, rain and the trek itself.

7 Travel & Landscape Photographers that Inspire Me

Today I want to share with you the short list of travel & landscape photographers that inspire me. I love seeing their new photos and I get plenty of ideas from seeing their work and post processing techniques. Inspiration in photography is key in my opinion and these guys provide me with plenty 🙂

Experimenting With a 10 Stop ND Filter, Part 2

As my 10 stop ND filter experiment continues, part 2 takes place at the beach during sunset which isn’t the best idea for using a 10 stop ND filter, but on that a little later. I waited for a good cloudy day so I can go out and get some good sunset shots at the […]

Wadi Mishmar Stream Track

It’s passover here in Israel and that means that during the week long holiday pretty much everyone in Israel is going out to explore Israel and travel wherever they can. And so did I with a group of friends. We took a long (too long) of a drive to the Dead Sea area to the […]