The Gate of Triumph

This photo was taken at Vientiane, the capital city of Laos.

There isn’t much to do in Vientiane and not much to see either aside from the Patuxai War Monument which means the Victory Gate or the Gate of Triumph.

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Golden Royal Palace

This photo was taken in Luang Prabang, Laos.

The royal palace grounds are actually a national museum these days. The temple in the photo is called Haw Pha Bang and it isn’t the actual palace but a royal temple that was built to house Laos’ most sacred Buddha image and it is by far the most eye catching building in the grounds.

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Two Cities in Black, White, Red & Blue

This photo was taken on a bridge connecting the cities of Tel Aviv (on the left) and Ramat Gan (on the right).

I saw a tutorial video about shooting black and white images and how they can work great in situations where the scene seems a bit boring. It was a very cloudy day in which the sky was completely covered and no light was getting through so I figured I should go and see if I can get something interesting to turn into a black and white photo.

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MBK Center in Black, White and Blue

This photo was taken inside the MBK shopping mall center in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is actually one of the very first images I took with the Sony NEX-7 right after I bought it at one of the photography shops inside The MBK center which is a huge shopping mall that is on the travel schedule of every tourist that travels to Thailand.

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Who Woke Me Up?

This photo was taken at a the Safari Park Open Zoo in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The photo was actually taken by a friend and edited by me.

He managed to catch the tiger in a pretty interesting (or scary) moment as you can see below. I personally love tigers and think they are magnificent animals and getting the chance to be so close to one is pretty awesome (and yes, the tiger was drugged and sedated).

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