Making Of “Into the Light”

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open and look for it and today I want to share a a “making of” that actually started 3 weeks ago when a good friend of mine posted an image on Facebook that got me intrigued.

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Making Of “Winter Is Here”

In this making of (the 1st of many more to come) I want to share the making of “Winter is Here” image. It’s a photo of a storm over Tel Aviv, Israel as shot from the city of Jaffa that overlooks the entire coastline of Tel Aviv.

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PhotoSerge PLP #73 – How to Create Amazing Panoramas

I’m not a PRO photographer (yet). Photography is a hobby that I really love and enjoy and I will be the first to admit that I have tons to learn and i’m more than excited about that. As the great Bruce Lee once said, you have to be in a state of constant learning.

So I am.

One of the great free resources I found to learn from is Serge Ramelli and his great Photography Lightroom & Photoshop (PLP) Tutorials in which he gives you the RAW files and shows you how he post processed them in Photoshop & Lightroom.

In order to get access to the RAW files all you have to do is to signup to his email list. More than a fair deal if you ask me 🙂

The photo you will see below is not mine, it is simply my own post processing done on Serge RAW files so all credit for the photo goes to him. I just want to make sure that it is clear. I’m not trying to take credit for a photo that I didn’t take on my own but I do feel that it could be valuable to see a different interpretation of the photo as it seems that my end result is usually different than what Serge produces.

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