Techart Releases First-Ever Contax G to Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter

Techart Releases First Ever Contax G to Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter 800x420 yvXemM

Techart has announced what it says is the first-ever Contax G-mount to Nikon Z-mount autofocus lens adapter with full support for continuous autofocus modes, eye-detection, and in-body image stabilization.

Contax G series lenses were launched in 1994 to support the company’s G1 and G2 rangefinder cameras. According to Techart, each of the lenses are light and portable with classic optical designs and autofocus functions. The company says that now, thanks to this adapter, Nikon shooters can enjoy these classic optics without sacrifices.

The company says this new adapter, the TZG-01, builds on the success of its previous Contax G to Sony E autofocus adapter that launched seven years ago. This new adapter for Nikon mirrorless cameras uses a motor to drive the screw on G-mount lenses that initiates the focusing mechanism. Through it, AF-S and AF-C are supported as shooting modes as well as manual focus.

“The Techart TZG-01 simulates the autofocus mechanism done by Contax G cameras to their lenses. The brushless motor will drive the screw on G lenses which control the movement of glasses to achieve focus,” Techart explains. “There is a dial on the side that also allows users to manually adjust the focal point by hand. It is for minor adjustment of the focus point in autofocus mode and realization of manual focus as users may prefer in certain situations.”

Techart says the adapter is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and copper alow, while the ring is made to be lightweight but also strong. The result is an adapter that the company says achieves the best balance of weight, mechanical behavior, and precision.

The company says that the internals of the adapter have been flocked to eliminate reflections and the lens release tab has been approximated to be similar to the one found on a Nikon camera with a less than 0.01mm tolerance, which Techart says ensures a smooth experience when attaching lenses.

The adapter is firmware upgradeable via USB hub that is included with the unit and connects to a computer through a micro-USB cable.

The Techart TZG-01 Contax G to Nikon Z autofocus adapter is available from Techart for $299.

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