This Talented Artist Custom Makes Incredibly Detailed Wooden Cameras

This Talented Artist Custom Makes Incredibly Detailed Wooden Cameras 800x420

The Wooden Model Design Shop is a wooden craft company based out of Vietnam that is making some of the most incredibly detailed to-scale wooden models of popular cameras like the Sony Alpha 1, the Hasselblad 500CM, or a RED Komodo 6K.

Wooden Model Design, as spotted by 43rumors, has made a host of some of the most detailed to-scale wooden models of cameras that exist, with some featuring moving parts and interchangeable wooden lenses.

The shop’s owner Phuong Nguyen says that after finishing art school in 2014, he started making wooden models. He had dreams of a “rich life,” so he started making designs that matched that lifestyle dream.

“I originally made supercars and motorcycle models,” he tells PetaPixel.

Below are a few examples of the incredible detail he captured in those vehicle models, as well as a few photos of the assembly process. Many of his designs aren’t just solid blocks but feature moving parts like doors and steering wheels.

“I want to combine art and business,” he explains. “After many years, I have about 100 samples and I am trying to make them perfect and bring them to the public.”

More recently, the shop has produced several different wooden camera designs, including an Alpha 1, Red Komodo 6K, Sony FS7 II, and a Hasselblad 500CM among many others. The wooden Sony Alpha 1 shown below is one of his most recent creations.

The designs of his camcorders are even more impressive, and feature articulating screens and incredibly visually accurate exteriors.

His Facebook Shop has several other options as well, and the prices vary from as little as $11 to just a bit more than $50 (converted from Vietnamese Dong to the dollar).

“Each new camera takes between three days and one week to design and produce,” he says. “But assembling them only takes about two hours for each camera.”

Nguyen says that currently, he makes all cameras to order. He also accepts custom orders for new camera designs, but he hopes to be able to mass-produce some of them to make them more available for more people.

To see the full selection of cameras that Nguyen offers, make sure to check out his Facebook Shop. As noted, he also accepts commissions for custom orders and is theoretically capable of making any combination of camera and lens.

Image credits: All photos by Phuong Nguyen and published with permission.

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