Who We Are?


I caught the photography bug during my world travels in 2012. I started my trip with a small Canon SX260 HS and while traveling, taking pictures and sharing them with my friends and family I simply realised that I really enjoy taking photos and it seemed as people loved them too according to the feedback I received.

So my little Canon was not going to cut it as I needed something a little more powerful in order to make the most out of every photo I take.

Lucky for me I was already in Thailand and prices are on the downlow over there so all I needed to do was pick my first serious camera.

After some research it came down to one of two. The Canon 7D or the Sony NEX-7. Since I was traveling with no long term plans, meaning I didn’t know where I will be going or when the trip will end, I decided to go with the much smaller and lighter Sony NEX-7 and i’m still using it today.

photobek DSC01274

It is simply an AWESOME little camera.

My trip ended after 6 months and I returned home to Israel where i’ve been since. But my travel bug is going pretty strong and I really can’t wait to set off again, this time fully equipped and with much more knowledge so I can make the most of every place i’ll be and take some great photos to share with the world.

Photography is currently a hobby so i’m no photography guru and I know that I have much more to learn and i’m pretty excited about that. I’ve been learning quite a bit since the photo bug hit me and i’m in a state of constant learning when it comes to photography and always trying new things.

The Bottom Line Is...

I love taking photos, I love post processing, I love blogging and I love it when others love what I write or shoot so this is where it all comes together. 

That’s the plan at least… 😉

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