Milk Bath Photography

Today we take a look at milk bath photography, a practice that is practiced by many in the photography community and has caught on in mainstream culture to a great degree.  It is a simple and pragmatic way to produce interesting and unique photographic effects, and when used correctly, it can add a distinct look to your photographs


Smoke Bomb Photography

Smoke bomb photography is a technique that uses smoke to create effects that simulate the effects of traditional photography. Smoke bomb photographers create their own smoke, which can come from many different sources. Common sources of smoke used in this technique include fireworks, starters, and smoke machines.

Sony E MOUNT APS C Lenses

Sony E-MOUNT APS-C Lens List

I’ve done some research prior to buying my new Sony a6300 to find out about all the lens options I have for the camera and I figured I’ll share what I found with anyone that might be interested. This list features all the APS-C E-Mount lenses that are currently available.


7 Travel & Landscape Photographers that Inspire Me

Today I want to share with you the shortlist of travel & landscape photographers that inspire me. I love seeing their new photos, and I get plenty of ideas from seeing their work and post-processing techniques. Inspiration in photography is key, in my opinion, and these guys provide me with plenty 🙂

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