Climbing Kilimanjaro with Miggo’s New AGUA Weatherproof Bag

Everything was pretty much set for my upcoming trip to climb mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. All except for one little thing – how am I going to carry my camera around for those 7 days without having it damaged by the cold, rain and the trek itself.

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Why Everyone Taking Photos Should be Using JPEGmini

Space. The final frontier…

No, no, i’m not captain kirk and this is not the beginning of another Star Trek movie. The space i’m talking about is your hard disk space and opposed to real space which is endless and keeps on growing as far as I know, our hard disk space is limited.

Yes, I know that you can buy as much space as you need but not everyone can afford that and in any case, camera sensors are just getting bigger and as a result the file sizes are growing just the same.

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