8 Interesting iPhone External Camera Features You Should Use

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The iPhone is widely known for featuring a powerful camera with so many exciting features. Using such wonderful features on the latest iPhone models, you can turn any situation into a photo shoot. 

If you are a professional photographer or want to change the way you take pictures, use iPhone external camera features. This article will show you some hidden iPhone camera features you should use.

View Images in HDR

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is an excellent iPhone camera feature that allows capturing multiple photos with different settings. You can create perfect exposures with higher quality, even in complicated light conditions. 

This is an ideal option for high-contrast scenes. It allows taking more detail and color in bright and dark sections of pictures. To use this feature, simply click HDR on the screen’s top right corner.  

Change Advanced Camera Settings

The advanced camera features let users take pictures quickly. On iPhone 12, you can apply a personalized look by turning on Scene Detection. It helps in determining what you are taking a picture of to bring out the excellent qualities in the scene. 

On iPhone 11 and later versions, you can turn on and off View Outside the Frame. It allows identifying what can be captured using another lens in the camera with a wider view field.  

Upload Photos to Instagram

Pictures can be uploaded to Instagram by taking live photos or via a photo library. If you don’t know how to upload to Instagram from Mac, open the app on your iPhone and click the Square icon. Click Allow if you get a pop-up Instagram would like to access the Photos app. 

Tap the left panel looking icon. Select the Photo option and then click Next. Choose the Filters and hit Next. Now you can choose to add a caption, share options, and tag people. Finally, hit Share It.

Capture Images Quick

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Click a snap easily on iPhone by pressing either volume button in the camera mode. This feature is extremely helpful when you don’t have the time to place the phone and tap the screen. 

Click the picture comfortably when you are holding your mobile in horizontal orientation. The only drawback is that you have to press the volume button harder. It can result in blurry photos by shaking the phone.

Record the Photos Location

Did you know that now you can record the photos’ location? Yes, it is true. The iPhone allows its users to record their location every time they click any picture. Whenever you open that captured photo, you will know where you clicked that image. 

To turn on and off Location services, go to Settings. Click Privacy and then Location Services. Note that Location Services should be turned on.   

Control Macro Photos and Videos

Get more control over macro images and videos by selecting when the camera automatically changes from Wide to Ultra Wide camera. This is useful for iOS 15.2 and later models. In the settings, access the Camera and turn on Macro Control. 

After opening the Camera:

  1. Get near to the subject.
  2. Click the Macro button if you see it on the screen.
  3. Turn on automatic switching between the Wide and Ultra Wide cameras.

Use Burst Mode

Are you interested in taking incredible action shots? Turn on the burst mode by pressing the shutter button. It will allow taking a burst of multiple photos in instant succession. So, if you accidentally enable this camera feature, don’t stress out. 

This iPhone camera trick is best for photographing moving subjects. The Burst mode is perfect for street photography, action photography, and sports photography.

Switch between Camera Modes (External Shots)

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If you want to capture Live Photos, use Photo mode. Swipe left or right on the camera screen to turn on several new features. Slo-mo allows recording a video with a slow-motion effect. Record a time‑lapse video over a certain time using Time-Lapse Mode. 

Cinematic and Portrait modes apply a depth-of-field effect to photos. Note that these features will be available on just supported models. You can also switch between Square and Pano features.   

How Malware Intrusion Use a Camera to Spy?

Cameras can often make our devices vulnerable to online attacks like Camfecting. It relates to the situation when hackers control a user’s webcam remotely by disabling the ‘on’ light. This shows the active nature of the camera. 

The new iPhone Trojan can fake a shutdown and also snoop through a built-in camera and microphone. That’s because it is connected to a live network connection. 

The Conclusion

These features will take your photography to a new level by turning digital snaps into striking works of printed art. Want to know how to discover many more iPhone external camera features? Make more use of your iPhone camera by trying every feature and function you find.

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