Making Of “Into the Light”

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open and look for it and today I want to share a a “making of” that actually started 3 weeks ago when a good friend of mine posted an image on Facebook that got me intrigued.

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Making Of “Winter Is Here”

In this making of (the 1st of many more to come) I want to share the making of “Winter is Here” image. It’s a photo of a storm over Tel Aviv, Israel as shot from the city of Jaffa that overlooks the entire coastline of Tel Aviv.

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Experimenting With a 10 Stop ND Filter, Part 2

As my 10 stop ND filter experiment continues, part 2 takes place at the beach during sunset which isn’t the best idea for using a 10 stop ND filter, but on that a little later.

I waited for a good cloudy day so I can go out and get some good sunset shots at the beach. As far as I know and from images i’ve seen online, the combination of water plus clouds plus a 10 stop ND filter should give pretty explosive results so that was my hope and plan 😉

I didn’t have to venture too far as I live 5 minutes from the beach in Tel Aviv so when the time came I was there and as I mentioned in part 1, this time I remembered to take a regular exposure so that I can show you the difference the 10 stop filter has.

So here is the first image:

Sony NEX-7 | ISO 100 | f20 | 2.0 Seconds | No Filter

Sony NEX-7 | ISO 100 | f20 | 2.0 Seconds | No Filter

Sony NEX-7 | ISO 100 | f13 | 59.0 Seconds | 10 Stop ND Filter

Sony NEX-7 | ISO 100 | f13 | 59.0 Seconds | 10 Stop ND Filter

As you can see, the 10 stop ND filter sure has an affect. With that said, when I was looking at the result in camera I wasn’t blown away and I really didn’t think I can do much with this image as it seems to be real dark around the edges but thanks to the fact that I was shooing RAW files and after some post processing work in Lightroom this is the final result:


A big difference 🙂

Although it does look much better than I thought it would when I first loaded the image into Lightroom it is far from perfect and if you dive into the image you can see the color cast that is caused by the filter and all the noise at the edges where it was really dark so brining those areas back did some damage.

And here is the second image:

Sony NEX-7 | ISO 100 | f16 | 3.2 Seconds | No Filter

Sony NEX-7 | ISO 100 | f16 | 3.2 Seconds | No Filter

Sony NEX-7 | ISO 100 | f11 | 181 Seconds | 10 Stop ND Filter

Sony NEX-7 | ISO 100 | f11 | 181 Seconds | 10 Stop ND Filter

The second image was taken 18 minutes after the first one and as you can see, I needed 3 times the exposure time in order to get a decent image. That’s how fast the light goes out at sunset here in Israel 🙂

Just as with the first image, I wasn’t planning on get much out of this image from what I saw in camera and inside Lightroom after I imported it but RAW files and Lightroom is a strong combination and you can really do wonders:


Same issues here with the color cast and the noise around the edges as in the first image. Not much I can do about the color cast other than buying a better filter and about the noise I can go for longer exposures next time so I won’t have such dark areas in the image.

So why shooing with a 10 stop ND filter at sunset isn’t a good idea…

The thing about using a 10 stop ND filter during sunset is that it might be a little too much. Especially if the sunset ends in a matter of 20 minutes (give or take a few minutes).

As you see above, I used a 181 seconds exposure in the 2nd image which is 3 minutes. If the entire sunset takes around 20 minutes than you really don’t have too much time for experiments and you have to get your composition spot on real fast and you don’t have time to wonder around to look for a better angle or anything.

You need to be ready in advance and know exactly what you’re looking for so you won’t waste time setting up and testing because before you know it, the sun is gone 🙂

Got questions? remarks? anything else to add? Fill free to add them in the comments below. If not, i’ll see you in part 3 😉


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