7 Travel & Landscape Photographers that Inspire Me

Today I want to share with you the short list of travel & landscape photographers that inspire me. I love seeing their new photos and I get plenty of ideas from seeing their work and post processing techniques.

Inspiration in photography is key in my opinion and these guys provide me with plenty 🙂

Elia Locardi / blamethemonkey.com

Elia is know for being “location independent” as he and his wife don’t have a home in the sense that we all know of. They live on the go and travel the world spending a few weeks or months at a time in every location.

I personally really love his photos and I can’t wait for his upcoming video course with Fstoppers. The traveled the globe, going to some of the greatest locations to photograph and putting it all into a video course. Elia summed up the experience of creating this course on his blog.

Trey Ratcliff /stuckincustoms.com

Trey is the first one I started following during my travels in 2012. I was really into HDR when I got started and Trey was known as the HDR master and I bought his HDR tutorial back in the day. He is also has biggest social following online.

Trey has some amazing images but he also has some that are a bit “too much” in my opinion when it comes to HDR but that doesn’t take away from his amazing portfolio and great lifestyle of traveling and taking photos everywhere he goes.

Serge Ramelli / photoserge.com

A french photographer that has a great Youtube channel with plenty of weekly tutorials. I learned a great deal of my current post processing workflow from his various tutorials.

Tomer Razabi / tomerazabi.com

Tomer is the only one on this list that I know personally as I attended his landscape photography course a while back and also a couple of photography workshops with his new company, Wild Travel.

Erez Marom /erezmarom.com

Erez Marom is probably the leading landscape photographer in Israel even though most of his photos come from all over the world thanks to his various workshops. He shares his workflow and post processing techniques on his blog and on various known photography magazines.

Daniel Kordan / danielkordan.com

The very recent addition to the landscape photographers I follow. Daniel and Erez have a workshop in Iceland that they host together and that’s how I came to learn about Daniel and his awesome work. Seems like Daniel is always on the move and he says, his home is the entire world.

Terje Sørgjerd / TSO Photography

Terje has created some of the most spectacular time lapses i’ve seen and my favourite is The Mountain. Not exactly sure where Terje is since he pretty much dropped off the radar over a year ago and didn’t post any new photos or movies on any of his social channels.

With more than 400,000 fans on Facebook i’m sure i’m not the only one wondering when he will make his comeback 🙂 Take a few minutes off and watch his amazing time-lapses on Vimeo.

Who Inspires You?

Feel free to share with me via the comments below who you drive inspiration from when it comes to photography. I’m always looking for great photographers that I don’t know of yet so any addition would be greatly appreciated 😉


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  1. Matthieu Olivier
    Matthieu Olivier says:

    Hi Dror,

    It’s a quite interesting share. I enjoyed reading the blog of your friends.

    Here are a few other photographers you may enjoy the work.


    As Elia Locardi, he and his wife decided to sell everything for living a perpetual photography trip. He has a very interesting personnality. He also has a very accurate approach in his process methods. Since a few times he translates his writings in english as well (french fella).
    He also sells cheap tutorials.

    * Website and blog: http://www.beboyphoto.com
    * Portfolio: http://www.beboyphoto.com/browse
    * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beboy.photographies
    * Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/beboy_photographies


    German photographer, he travels all around the world in ordr to capture breathtaking pictures mainly of nature.

    * Website: http://www.stefan-hefele.de/en/
    * Portfolio: http://www.stefan-hefele.de/en/Portfolio.html
    * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StefanHefelePhotography/
    * 500px: https://500px.com/stefanhefele


    It seems he is a well known landscape photographer. He has a strong own style which make his photos recognisable I think. He also has a very interesting view about his environment.

    * Website: http://www.marcadamus.com/
    * Portfolio: http://www.marcadamus.com/gallery/
    * 500px: https://500px.com/maphoto


    I discovered him quite recently. He has a quite unusual portfolio, prefering moody and dark atmospheres. His work is very interesting because it contrasts the average stream of having a nice weather for landscape photography.

    * Website and blog: http://krwhitley.com
    * Portfolio: http://krwhitley.com/works
    * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.r.whitley
    * 500px: https://500px.com/krwhitley


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