MBK Center in Black, White and Blue

photobek DSC00154

This photo was taken inside the MBK shopping mall center in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is actually one of the very first images I took with the Sony NEX-7 right after I bought it at one of the photography shops inside The MBK center which is a huge shopping mall that is on the travel schedule of every tourist that travels to Thailand.

Selective Color LR

I decided to go with black and white and only leave the blue color on the escalators since the escalators were meant to be the center of the image but with all the colors they kind of lose focus.

Apparently doing selective color is quite easy in Lightroom. All I did was drop the saturation of all colors to -100 and increased the blue color to +50.

I also used the brush to remove any blues from other sections of the image beside the escalators.

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