Winter is Coming Timelapse

I’m a summer person but I must admit that winter brings some very exciting and interesting things to shoot so when I heard that a storm is heading our way I had this timelapse idea in mind.

I live just 3 minutes from the beach in Tel Aviv so I had no excuses for not trying to shoot it. Woke up and checked the weather app on my iPhone and it told me that clouds will be arriving in an hour so I took my bag and my tripod and headed out to a viewpoint near the Hilton Hotel.

As I got there, I setup my GoPro HERO4 to take a timelapse, taking an image every 2 seconds. The is the result:

As the GoPro was shooing away I was taking photos with my Sony NEX-7. To be honest, I wasn’t really excited about the results, except this image which I think is OK. It’s not a portfolio images but catching that Crow in flight along with the great clouds helps make it interesting in my opinion.

After covering every idea I had, I figured why not try a timelapse with Sony. So I set it up to take an image every 10 seconds and I planned for a 10 seconds timelapse but I had to cut it short as the rain was already upon me so it turned out to be 6 seconds.

I’m getting to like time-lapses and i’m planning to shoot more so I can eventually combine them into one long timelapse.

Stay tuned 🙂


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