PhotoSerge PLP #73 – How to Create Amazing Panoramas

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I’m not a PRO photographer (yet). Photography is a hobby that I really love and enjoy and I will be the first to admit that I have tons to learn and I’m more than excited about that. As the great Bruce Lee once said, you have to be in a state of constant learning.

So I am.

One of the great free resources I found to learn from is Serge Ramelli and his great Photography Lightroom & Photoshop (PLP) Tutorials in which he gives you the RAW files and shows you how he post-processed them in Photoshop & Lightroom.

In order to get access to the RAW files all you have to do is to signup to his email list. More than a fair deal if you ask me 🙂

The photo you will see below is not mine, it is simply my own post-processing done on Serge RAW files so all credit for the photo goes to him. I just want to make sure that it is clear. I’m not trying to take credit for a photo that I didn’t take on my own but I do feel that it could be valuable to see a different interpretation of the photo as it seems that my end result is usually different than what Serge produces.

How to Create Amazing Panoramas

PLP #73 by Serge Ramelli

I really had no idea how easy it is to create HUGE panoramas in Photoshop and I can’t wait to create my very own first panorama. Watch as Serge shows you exactly how it can be done.

My end result (click image for full resolution)

Serge Ramelli end result (click image for full resolution)

Give credit where credit is due

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