Smoke Bomb Photography


Smoke bomb photography is a technique that uses smoke to create effects that simulate the effects of traditional photography. Smoke bomb photographers create their own smoke, which can come from many different sources. Common sources of smoke used in this technique include fireworks, starters, and smoke machines.

While Smoke Bomb Photography is a relatively new concept, it has been gaining a lot of press and attention in the photography and action sports industries. It is a fast and creative way to shoot and edit video and arguably the best way to make your video look like it was shot with a pro camera. All of the videos on this site use the smoke bomb technique.

More about Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are your secret weapons when it comes to creating stylistic images of your subjects. But, depending on the type, the smoke is harmful to humans and animals, or it is simply used to create a romantic and dramatic effect. 

A smoke bomb is a device used to create a temporary smoke screen during military operations. The smoke bomb is a non-explosive, handheld device that creates a photochemical cloud that can be deployed to aid in camouflage or deception. It is made of a pressurized canister of potassium perchlorate mixed with powdered aluminum, which is ignited using a sparkler or other metal.

Today, the smoke bomb is the ultimate tool for photographers and videographers who want to shoot a rollercoaster ride, a fireworks show, or a dance party and not get caught in the middle. It has become a go-to for street and event photographers and video makers who want that extra pop of light and festive atmosphere but want to avoid the hassle of an extra-light rig.

Finding The Perfect Smoke Bomb

The Smoke Bomb is a unique way to take a photo that is not only beautiful but also different and fun. Nowadays, you can find a smoke bomb in every type of photoshoot. But is it good to use a smoke bomb? 

To choose the best, here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a smoke bomb for a photoshoot:


Activation is one of the most important things to consider when buying a smoke bomb since the smoke that comes out of the device is directly affected by the activation method.  However, there are two main methods of activation, gas, and solenoid.  There are some advantages and disadvantages of both methods, so you should consider both methods when purchasing your smoke bombs.

Burn time

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right smoke bomb is the burn time that the smoke bomb will give you. You will often hear that larger smoke bombs are better for a longer duration, but the truth is that the size of the smoke bomb does not matter as much as how long it will continue to give off smoke.


While smoke bombs are mainly used to create special effects for your special events, the density of the smoke they produce is also another important aspect to consider. A dense smoke bomb can create thick vapors, which are better for recreating the atmosphere of a specific occasion. A less dense smoke bomb, however, is thinner and makes the smoke look more like fog. Furthermore, if you want to create more of an effect, you may also want to use a smoke bomb that is denser.


Quality smoke bombs are one of the most important accessories in the smoke bomb photographer’s toolbox. If you take photos, whether, for personal or commercial use, you will realize the importance of the smoke bomb in the finished product. The smoke bomb, when used correctly, can add an extra dimension to your photos. It can be used to enhance the mood, the colors, the lighting, the focus, or even to create an artistic effect.

The art of photography can capture images that can capture the essence of the moment, but it’s also important to consider the equipment you use to make it possible. The right tools make the job easier, and like any good photographer, you ought to be considering different options before making any purchase. That’s why it’s important to make sure the smoke bomb you choose is able to meet your needs. And since it’s important to consider other factors besides price, you should keep in mind that you’re choosing not just the smoke bomb but the entire package.

Trusted Smoke Bomb Brands

Smoke bombs are one of those interesting items that you rarely see in the hands of people who you’d expect to be into that sort of thing. The reality is that smoke bombs are actually very useful tools for certain types of photography.

Here are some of the reliable brands of smoke bombs:

Enola Gaye

The Enola Gaye is designed to last for hours without dissipating. It will create a thick fog, which has many applications, but it is most commonly used for smoke bombs to frighten the crowds at large sporting events. It is also very popular for creating haze or clouds that can create dramatic effects in photography.

Smoke Fountains

This set of smoke bombs is one of the best in the industry, in my opinion, and it is probably one of the best if you are looking for smoke bombs under $100. This is a very high-quality smoke bomb kit. Each smoke bomb comes with six smoke bombs, which makes this kit quite a value. The smoke bombs are made out of a very thick rubber, which is great because it will give you an opaque cloud of smoke. Each smoke bomb is attached to a thick bungee cord, which makes them easy to carry around. There are no seams in the rubber, which means that the smoke bombs are completely sealed.

Peacock Smoke

It’s hard to imagine a smoke bomb that has a more intense color and pop than Peacock Smoke. Smoke bombs are a fun way to add a little spice to any party. We’re a little skeptical of a company that makes smoke bombs that are so different from all the others on the market. But their smoke bombs are amazing, not only for the intense colors but the fact they create the most realistic smoke patterns.

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips

Smoke bombs are a unique form of fireworks that can create a multitude of colorful effects. They’re a fun way to create a romantic atmosphere at a party, produce a unique effect for a glamour photoshoot, or even set the mood for a wedding or a bar mitzvah.

To help you with your smoke bomb photo shoot, here are the following tips to remember:

  1. Choose the right one. The first step to safely using a smoke bomb as a tool for taking photographs is to choose the right one. Regrettably, the market is filled with a selection of products from different manufacturers that claim to be the best, so picking the wrong one could be a dangerous mistake—choosing a smoke bomb that is too potent or that has dust that is too finely dispersed could result in a cloud of smoke that is too thick to produce a useful image.
  2. A fast shutter speed camera is a must. Smoke bomb photography is an excellent way to get stunning photos of colorful smoke, but it can be difficult to get the shutter speed fast enough to prevent motion blur. Since most mobile devices don’t have as high a resolution as a DSLR, you won’t want to use the device’s built-in camera. Instead, pick up a camera that has a removable lens and use it to take shots of the smoke bomb with a shutter speed of 1/60 of a second or faster.
  3. Complete your camera set with a high-speed trigger. Smoke bomb photography is a terrific fun hobby that can be done with any camera. The main constraints are that you have to use a camera that can shoot in a burst mode and that you can’t shoot too fast, or the smoke bomb will obscure your shot. With a high-speed camera trigger, you can get the burst mode and the high speed without having to worry about getting a blurry shot. This revolutionary trigger can capture breathtaking videos of smoke bombs exploding.
  4. Prioritize safety. It is very important to always wear safety glasses when using smoke to photograph smoke bombs. Even when everything else you are wearing is completely black, it’s best to wear safety glasses to decrease the chance of something in the smoke bomb shooting back in your direction. It is also important to wear safety glasses in order to help protect your eyes when taking photos in smoke bombs since there is a strong risk that the smoke will directly hit the camera lens.
  5. Plan for the expected picture ahead of time. When planning your smoke bomb pictures, take into consideration that with smoke bombs, you have very little control over the angle of the light. This is why it is so important to have your smoke bomb set up before you actually go to take it, so you can have the chance to see your scene with the smoke bomb in the correct position. You can also take advantage of the fact that smoke bombs create a unique effect, which is why it is important to know how to photograph this type of effect.
  6. Do your smoke bomb photography on a good day with calm weather. When it comes to taking photos with smoke, you can’t beat the humidity of summer. The light is soft, there’s no wind to contend with, and the smoke travels beautifully. If you’re looking for great photos, then July or August, where there is a good weather, is the perfect time to shoot with smoke bombs. But it will still depend on your country or area that you are in.
  7. Think about the wind. So you think you’re a master of smoke photography? Well, you may be good at controlling the smoke and light, but you’re still missing one essential element: the wind. The duality of smoke and wind is the catalyst for this layer of flame and light; as the smoke billows and swirls, the wind blows and creates movement and composition. This effect adds depth and dynamism to the shots you take.
  8. If you want to avoid common problems associated with smoke bombs, such as difficulties in lighting and composition, this article will give you some useful tips and tricks to improve your settings and shooting skills. The general rule of thumb is: if you can’t see the smoke, you can’t shoot the smoke.
  9. Opt black background to have that minimalist effect. Using a smoke bomb for a photoshoot requires skill and precision. If you want to capture your smoke bomb photo in a beautiful and dramatic way, you must use a black background, and that’s it. The smoke bomb will go off if it’s carried in a purse or bag, if it’s left unattended, or if it’s not lit properly.
  10. Create a smoke cloud on your background – When you’re shooting a model with smoke bombs, you’ll want to make sure you’re shooting at an angle that produces an interesting smoke cloud behind your model. If you’re not shooting at an angle, the smoke only covers the model.
  11. Enclose the smoke inside a prop or object. When it comes to smoke bombs, the explosion is the part that is the most important part of the smoke bomb. Make sure that you don’t just throw it at the ground. It is important that you hold it in your hand and throw it at the ground. You can actually trap the smoke bomb in an object as one of the tips for amazing smoke bomb photography. You can actually make a photograph with a smoke bomb by placing it in a glass bottle. Just make sure that the glass bottle is standing on a table.
  12. Remember the elements. Lighting, composition, and timing are critical elements in any good smoke bomb photograph. We like to think of the smoke bomb as the “pre-production” for a photograph. The smoke bomb gives us that extra creative take we need to create something worthwhile, although every smoke bomb photograph will look drastically different than the next.

Smoke bombs are great to use when shooting smoke bombs, but their use must be very carefully planned. The smoke bomb must be placed in a place where it will face the target to achieve the desired effect. It must be placed very carefully because if the smoke bomb is not placed in the right place, it can create big problems to the user. These bombs are not the easiest things to use, but if you know how to use them, you can achieve some amazing effects.

Stay Safe: Avoid Risks When Using Smoke Bombs

A smoke bomb might be the perfect way to get some great shots of your friends. Before you think anything of it, you may want to consider the health risks associated with it. Although the smoke is “non-toxic” when used correctly, it can be hazardous to your health. Smoke bomb photography is not the safest thing to do if you don’t take safety measures, but it is still pretty fun. 

There are many things to consider before using smoke bombs for your photos. With that said, here are some tips for making sure that you are making the most out of your smoke ball experience:

  • Know how to properly use it. Smoke bombs are essentially explosives. If you don’t equip it properly, it can harm the people around you.
  • Keep smoke bombs away from humidity. During a smoke bomb photoshoot, a smoke bomb becomes a very valuable tool for photography. It can produce a really cool shot by causing a nice long exposure time for the smoke. However, if you plan on doing a long exposure, it’s a good idea to keep your smoke bombs away from humidity as it can affect the smoke and may cause an unexpected explosion.
  • You must consider how you will use smoke bombs. You can use them for smoke effects, lighting effects, mask lighting, mask shadows, mask sunlight, and many other uses.
  • Always keep your surroundings in mind. Check the weather forecast, and if it seems threatening, find a new location. If you can’t find a new spot, and if you still want to continue with the shoot, do so with caution.
  • You should consider how to use smoke bombs for your photos. It is best to use them in close proximity to the subject since this will make it harder to see the smoke. If you are using smoke bombs for your photos, it is important to be careful to avoid blur.
  • Make sure wires and electrical equipment are kept away from the smoke and that smoke cannot reach the area where you’re carrying out your photography.

Photography isn’t all fun and games. As such, you should always be on the lookout for safety measures you can take when you’re at a smoke-bomb photoshoot.

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