Two Cities in Black, White, Red & Blue

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This photo was taken on a bridge connecting the cities of Tel Aviv (on the left) and Ramat Gan (on the right).

I saw a tutorial video about shooting black and white images and how they can work great in situations where the scene seems a bit boring. It was a very cloudy day in which the sky was completely covered and no light was getting through so I figured I should go and see if I can get something interesting to turn into a black and white photo.

I knew I wanted to make a black and white image but add some selective color and since the train station is very close to my office I figured I would go to the bridge and try to get the RED train in the photo and make it the only thing in color.

As I got to the bridge and started looking for interesting compositions I noticed the blue rail of the bridge is also something that I can add to the image and keep in color. Both the train and the rail are in color and they also make for leading lines guiding which I found to be very interesting.



It really is amazing how this photo looks so much better in black and white than in color. It does seem that in some cases, going for black and white is the right way to go 🙂

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